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Leaders Of The Second Metallurgical Group Visited The Factor
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Recently, leaders of China Second Metallurgical Group Visited the factory of AUTEX Group Co., LTD for inspection and guidance. Jin Jing, general manager of the group, Han Xu, bidding manager, and others attended the meeting to discuss future cooperation matters.
China Second Metallurgical Group, founded in 1956, is a national first-class construction enterprise. Group has national metallurgical engineering construction general contracting qualification and housing construction engineering, mechanical and electrical installation engineering, mining engineering, municipal utilities engineering construction general contracting qualification and GA1 level pressure pipeline installation qualification, as well as the steel structure engineering, pipeline engineering and smelting furnaces engineering, mechanical and electrical equipment installation project specialized contracting grade qualification, chemical petroleum engineering, highway engineering construction general contracting secondary qualification, and have contracts for overseas projects and domestic international bidding project and is engaged in the export overseas engineering required equipment, materials and labor dispatch qualifications. In 2004, it passed ISO9001: 2000 series quality management, ISO14001: 2004 environmental management, GB/T28001-2001 occupational health and safety management system certification.
Jin Jing introduced the development status, main business, industrial layout, resource advantages and other basic information of Jiangsu AUTEX Group, and hoped to strengthen communication and exchange with Second Metallurgical Group to promote the implementation of the follow-up project cooperation. Manager Han also reported to the leaders of the Second Metallurgical Group on the performance and project results achieved by AUTEX in recent years, so that the leaders can comprehensively consider our company's overall strength, software and hardware.
The Second Metallurgical Group also recognizes the overall strength of our company and hopes that

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