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Smart Street Lamp Data Platform
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With the help of new generation technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and Internet of things, smart city constructs a brand-new urban spatial foundation, detects, analyzes and processes massive data generated in the process of urban operation in real time, endows the operation and management of the city with "wisdom", makes the urban infrastructure better connected, and makes information and data flow and sharing fully, so as to solve the problem more effectively Various problems in urban development can improve the efficiency and effect of comprehensive utilization of resources, realize the sustainable development of the city, and then improve people's quality of life and happiness.
As an important carrier of smart city construction, the large-scale application of smart lamp post can accelerate and promote the development of smart city construction.
In the future, the smart lamp post management platform can generate all kinds of big data needed by smart city. These data can interact with the government's internal transportation system, police management system, environmental monitoring system and municipal facilities management system, providing a variety of data support for the city's big data application.
The remote real-time control of street lamp can realize the functions of remote operation, alarm, dimming, etc., and realize energy saving and improve the efficiency of street lamp management and maintenance under the premise of meeting the requirements of road lighting.
A video monitoring system based on lamppost is established, which can monitor road traffic, public security, urban lighting and public facilities in real time.
Lamp pole combined with AC charging pile can provide more optional charging stations for new energy vehicles, facilitate the travel of citizens and accelerate the popularization of new energy vehicles.
The emergency call system is directly connected to the command center, which can quickly respond to unexpected public security incidents, quickly locate

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