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The New Smart Lamp Pole Is In Orderly Production
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The smart light pole takes the light pole as the core, integrating lighting control, video surveillance, voice broadcast, public WI-FI, alarm for help, air monitoring, green charging, information release, advertising interaction, parking space monitoring, manhole cover monitoring and other functions. Achieve the effect of "multiple shots in one, one shot for multiple abilities".
After the promotion and application of smart light poles in cities, a large-area cross-platform "new smart city" Internet of Things and big data architecture can be constructed, which will effectively reduce public investment in road facilities and greatly save the construction cost of smart cities. The implementation of the "Internet +" strategy has brought tangible benefits to the government, the public and enterprises.
After pre-investigation and site inspection, according to the requirements of the customers in Xuchang, Henan, the design department issued detailed drawings and handed them to the production and technical chief engineer Zhang Gong to confirm the production. The whole pole is made of stainless steel, free of galvanizing, anti-corrosion and anti-rust. During the period when problems are discovered, we solve them in a timely manner, strictly control every production link, earnestly achieve the best quality, and serve customers wholeheartedly.
Currently, smart light poles and smart LED displays are in production and debugging, and will be shipped to Xuchang soon.


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