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New style High Power Wind Hybrid Led Solar Street Light

Product time:2021-01-20 10:35

A brief description:

New style High power wind hybrid led solar street light Installationsuggestion: 1.Howmanylevelsofwindcausewindturbinestogenerateelectricity? Start power generation with winds of level 3 to 4 pay attention to whether there is wind if the...

Detailed introduction

New Style High power wind hybrid led solar street light

Installation suggestion:

1.How many levels of wind cause wind turbines to generate electricity?

Start power generation with winds of level 3 to 4, pay attention to whether there is wind, if there is no wind, it is recommended to choose only solar energy

2.How to confirm wind conditions?

Just observe the wind that can blow small trees, or the wind that can blow paper pieces.

3.Starting wind speed of wind turbine

The fast rotation of wind turbines does not mean that there is more electricity; although some large wind turbines rotate slowly, they generate a lot of power at all.

4.Why does the wind turbine brake?

When the battery is full or encounters a particularly strong wind, the fan will brake or not rotate. This is the wind turbine controller protecting the battery or wind turbine, which is normal.


Basic Information:


Wind-solar complementary street light



Light Angle:



Can be customized according to customer requirements

Protection level:


Battery specifications:

Lithium battery

Solar panel:


Operating temperature:



Q235 high quality steel

Application place:

Tourist attraction, factory, square, school



Large capacity lithium battery

Long-life lithium battery, longer lighting, longer service life

Wind-solar complementary controller

Wind-solar complementary  street lights are controlled by an intelligent controller, which can be divided into two automatic control methods: time control and light control, which are both safe and economical;Independent power supply system

Wind and light in one   Strong complementarity

Convert wind energy and solar energy into electric energy, use natural energy, inexhaustible, inexhaustible

Polycrystalline silicon solar panel

No wiring, zero electricity bill

High-quality polycrystalline silicon solar panel, high light conversion rate, the surface is covered with glass to give full play to efficiency

Product details:

Thick aluminum lamp body, fast heat dissipation, strong hardness

High - light LED beads, low light decay, high brightness, not dazzling


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